Friday, September 2, 2011

Finding advertising that works....

While Karen's been looking into SEO, I've been on my continuous hunt for advertising.

I'm keeping them for now, but the usual route of advertising for a small business (and even for a lot of larger businesses), Twitter and Facebook, are not working for me. But I think it's partially because I do not go around following everybody and anybody, which I refuse to do.

So I've been doing small, inexpensive targeted ads. Things like advertising goth stuff on goth sites, soap savers on soap makers blogs, etc. So far, I'm not even getting many clicks.

I'm thinking maybe the targeted advertising isn't working because my ads are not so good. A high possibility, as I'm not a marketer by any means.

Experiment #1: Make new, brighter ads with words on them instead of just words that pop up when you run your mouse across them. Run on the same blogs as before to gauge the effectiveness of new, brighter ads.

Wish me luck!


  1. Stephanie, I'm still (happily) clueless about Facebook. Do I have to have a personal page to have a fan page? I have no idea of how anyone would know that I was there since I haven't even looked but all of my friends already know how to find me and don't use social networking sites. It sounds like it's worth it to have a fan page in terms of google though because even though FB is private google still knows that a fan page exists.

  2. yes, you need a private page to make a fan page.

    getting fans is interesting. I suggested my page to all of my friends. And comment on popular pages as my page. people see you, and click.

  3. I did a random check around with my friends of my age and not one of them has a facebook page. The only people that I know out there are from forums where we're all anonymous and I want to keep it that way. I'll be the only person on facebook with no friends :(.

    Since that doesn't seem like a very useful thing for me to focus on right now I'm checking into taking out ads. I'm looking into one high-profile plus size fashion blog that isn't all that expensive relatively speaking. I'm also looking into adwords but since so many of my things come up on page one or two of searches I'm not sure that it will do anything for me that I'm not doing for myself.