Friday, September 16, 2011

Never giving up

So today if exactly one year since I joined Etsy, I've had 91 sales, and did a whole other slew of things :)

Karen's last post reminded me of when I first started. I had 2 sales in 2 months, and was pretty sure I was stupid for trying this thing.

I don't have any stores locally that will carry my work, I don't have transportation to go to any more than 2 craft fairs annually, I don't have a day job to look forward to quitting. All I have is my Etsy shops, and a teeny tiny bit of income from writing. And none of that helps my lifelong battle with depression any.

So the vast majority of people's ideas for making handmade a full time business won't work for me.

So why do I continue to work so hard for very little money? 

1) I have no choice, there is no other money to be had. 

 2) I have my daughter to think of. Maybe one day this will be big enough that I'm able to support my family again.

3) I keep remembering how fer this little business has come in the last year, and also remember that I love my stuff, and there has to be another out there who appreciates it too.

And that's how I keep my depression at bay!
Never give up, believe in yourself, you can do it!!!

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