Sunday, September 25, 2011

Etsy Search Ads

The etsy forums are on fire again, this time over Etsy's new ads. There's seems to be several misconceptions. So I'll try to clear up as many as possible right now.

People are NOT going to be buried again.
These ads only take up 4 spaces on the search, the same 4 spaces where the 4 most recently listed items are now. everything else on the page stays the same. This is how it will look:  Search ad pic

This is NOT something you have to do to be seen on etsy 

People who spend more will be able to be seen more, your paying for impressions, if someone else is paying for 20,000 impressions, and you pay for 5,000, yes, they are going to be seen more. All advertising works like this.

Who is seen will be random, if a lot of people choose the same keywords for advertising, then they will be rotated.

Each keyword costs different amounts per thousand. Here's the full list :  search ad keyword cost list

Yes, it has some bugs, like lack of flexibility in keyword choices, but etsy is not "diabolical," "evil," etc. Repeat after me kiddies: "Etsy is a for profit company."

And for the record, I'm sticking a couple of bucks into it. someone has to be the guinea pig.


  1. *cracks up

    You forgot "doomed". I can't even stand to read most of it anymore because the drama llama is going to die soon from all of that petting. That's a whole lot of hysteria about something that no one has to use and that won't take up any more space than the recency bar does now. I'd try it if the keywords would get me to the top of searches that I want to be in but I can do that with relevancy because I sell easy to describe things with standard keyword strings. This could work out great for people who have unique items that don't get searched for specifically or in saturated categories where it's hard to get to the front pages.

  2. exactly why I'm doing it for the fingerless gloves

  3. I just checked out my keywords for some of my sections and one is pretty good so I'm going to invest the $5 to see what happens. If it's useless well then I guess I get to buy one less unhealthy impulse purchase at the grocery store this week. Life probably won't come to an end if I wasted it and I might lose a few ounces. I'd rather learn from our tests than from a gazillion emotional guesses in the forums.

  4. LOL did you see this comment in the forums yesterday?

    "It's not your woobie snuggle wumpkins, its a freakin business." It made me roar and then think of you.