Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Facebook for The Anti Social "I- Don't- Want- My- Name- Out -There" People

I am an anti- social person, and I can't stand twitter, facebook, and the like. But I use them, because they could be a useful tool.

The facebook fan page is one of the best long term ways to keep in contact with your customers.

You have to have a personal page (under your name) to create a fan page (under your business name), but nothing says you have to use said personal page (I do, I play those facebook game to get "friends" to spam every now and then, plus it's useful when entering a contest!)

Facebook TOU specifically prohibit use of your personal profile strictly for business. 

Your fan page is separate from your personal profile, set up your setting to where you always post on your fan page as the page, and no one will ever be able to find your personal, and very private page!!

When setting up your page, use your business name, and as soon as you get to the required 25 followers, you can change your facebook URL to your business name.

Be careful when getting your facebook URL. I accidentally set Stephaniemakesall on my personal page, had to change that, then COULD NOT GET THE NAME ON MY FAN PAGE so now it's . so be careful with that!!

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