Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'm Starting to Not Hate Google

Stephanie's prayer to the gods of google might just work because now that my pages are slowly but surely getting crawled I'm getting some very good placement in my most targeted google search. Thanks to Oprah plus size sweater coats are popular this Fall and I get more hits on that keyword phrase than anything else. If I run a search today on "plus size sweater coat" I have one item on page one and another on page 2. I have a pretty good idea now of why the third one is buried. If I do the search on the plural "plus size sweater coats" I get one on page one and one on page 3 but unfortunately they're the same coat but one is on Zibbet and the other on Etsy. Still - I BEAT Lane Bryant and Roamans!

Oh yeah - I listed a new item this week. I love this one because it's casual and warm.

Plus Size Crop Sweater 2X

Please come see my handmade designer plus size sweaters, sweater coats, capes and shrugs at


  1. So how are you doing with it? I'm doing great with search engine views on most plus size sweater coats because they're popular this season but only get occasional hits on other kinds of sweaters. There are just so many sweaters out there that it's hard to figure out an angle for each one. I changed two more titles that dropped me slightly down in Etsy relevancy but should hopefully position me better in google. My main category in Etsy is so jam packed with patterns and leg warmers that most of my hits are much more specific. I have all of my items in the first few pages but even I get bored trying to find real sweaters amidst all of the irrelevant stuff.

    Are you seeing any progress yet? It's so hard to test because of how infrequently my pages on Etsy get crawled. Many of them haven't been hit since July.

  2. about the same, mostly. but for some stuff, like mesh soap saver, lace fingerless gloves, etc. I come up on the first page :) the lace fingerless gloves comes up in the little part from shopping.