Monday, October 3, 2011

Things You Should Avoid When Chosing A Craft Show

So I did another show Saturday, it sucked big time!!

This turns out to have been another learning experience (and boy I cannot afford learning experiences!!).

So what have I learned this time??

#1: Never go to a show that is more than 50% resellers.

2# Never set up next to costume jewelry and "1200 thread count sheets" that aren't

#3 bring more than preemie sized hats.

#4 Never depend on my mother for anything!! (If it weren't for my neighbors having brought an extra table, I would have been without one).

#5 This town really and truly does suck, and it seems that none of my target market lives anywhere near. Which completely rules out all local prospects for my business :(

1 comment:

  1. Yikes - that sounds awful. I've been asked to do a very upscale equestrian show the first week of November and I'm nervous about it. I'm going to have to cancel if it rains because even with an awning I'm not taking my sweaters out in the dampness.