Thursday, October 13, 2011

Finally - a Super-Plus Size Sweater

I've been wanting to get a sweater into my shop that's at least a 4X/5X for ages now but I keep ending up with only enough yarn to get to 2X/3X. I finally broke down and bought 3 big cones of fine cotton chenille so that I could triple-strand it for bulk and warmth and make it a full knee-length tunic. I can even make it somewhat affordable because I got a great deal on the yarn and it worked up very quickly. Bulky sweaters without detailed colorwork always go quickly. Of course it's 3 sizes too large for my mannequin so the pictures aren't great but I can't wait for google to crawl it and start getting hits for those sizes too.

Here it is:
Size 4X 5X Sweater from MirabilisFashions

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