Thursday, August 11, 2011

SEO Site-wide keyword phrase

(Warning! I'm just starting to learn about SEO so you really shouldn't follow my advice about anything based on my bumbling around here . At any given moment half of the things that I say could be completely and absolutely incorrect.)

In my last post I was having a hard time coming up with keyword phrases that create a theme for my shop because my ideas weren't targeted enough and if I used them I would never be found in searches. Then I made myself stop and re-think who my target audience is. Realistically they are women that buy luxury designer fashions. The hardest part was to stop being self-deprecating and be willing to use very upscale words. It's hard to think like an affluent person when you've never been one. Once I did that things improved greatly. I went back to the google keyword tool and tried again with some different words and these were the phrases that I came up with that had only a medium level of competition with a reasonable amount of monthly searches. These are the ones that I chose:

high end couture
high end fashion
designer couture
designer fashion
Plus size couture
plus size fashion
Natural Fiber
Natural Fibers
crochet afghans
wool blankets
high quality

Based on these phrases I changed my shop title and shop announcement. My original shop title was"Handmade Fashions and Accessories" and now it's "Handmade High Quality Designer Fashions and Couture". My shop announcement was "Luxurious natural fiber regular and plus size sweaters, crocheted afghans and blankets and unique and detailed crocheted tams and baby hats". Now it's "Handmade high end regular and plus size designer fashions and couture , crocheted afghans, wool blankets, quilts and accessories all made from natural fibers and luxury yarns. I could also have changed my section names but they were fine as they were. These little changes have already improved my search engine results. I feel so full of myself using words like "couture" but I guess that if I don't see my shop that way no one else will.

Today I'm going to get very organized and create a another spreadsheet to start organizing my keywords for each item. I've gotten a bit distracted by all of the tag upheaval going on at Etsy and spending a lot of time tweaking titles to keep myself relevant. So far I really like the change and I'm getting a lot more views. Hopefully I won't find out that what works for Etsy doesn't work for the major search engines but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Please come see my handmade designer plus size sweaters, sweater coats, capes and shrugs at

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