Monday, August 22, 2011

Changes: Calm Down Take A Deep Breath- You're Still in Control

I see so many people freaking out about having to do this or that, all the little things necessary to run a micro business.

While I understand being apprehensive a bit, (especially when all of your income comes from the business), there is no need to be in terror over it. Unless of course you have been running a profitable business for several years and haven't paid taxes, in which case, your screwed.

Has your venue changed (like etsy's recent switch to relevancy as a default)? Then you need to change with it.

Have your sales dropped? maybe you need to find better promotion, or switch up what you are doing.

You need to have a little bit of fluidity in business, because things change- and the internet changes the fastest.

I've seen brick and mortar stores move to stay in business because a neighbor who brought them business moved for some reason.

You might have to add more streams of income, or new product lines, or work an extra hour a day.

But you are still in control of your business, even if it feels out of control.

So take a deep breath, calm down, and analyze what it is you need to do to stay, or become, successful.

Being a business owner is not easy, nothing worth having is.

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  1. This is why I share a blog with you. :)

    It's interesting how differently people respond to change. Some people see it as a growth opportunity and others hear a death knell for their businesses. Some roll up their sleeves and get right to work while others throw tantrums for a while first. There's no point in railing against things that can't be changed or demanding that another business like Etsy do things your way. I do have sympathy for those that were caught unaware but part of running a business is staying on top of announcements that might affect you. Hopefully when the dust settles everyone will have learned a lesson about paying attention and keeping all of your eggs in one basket.