Thursday, February 9, 2012

Supadupa - Remember that?

(I'm still waiting for yarn so I'll keep going with the sweater design series when it gets here.)

I haven't talked about my new shop on Supadupa for a while but I've been busy working away at it to get it ready to open. I'm determined to put everything that I've learned into practice but it's a huge amount of work. So far this is what I've done:

1) Reshot all of the photos that I took before I got the larger mannequin.
2) Erased all of the backgrounds on every single picture in my shop because they were different shades of off-white and now they're all consistent. I also put borders around the detail shots because they look weird in my new shop without them.
3) Researched all of my SEO all over again to make sure that I hadn't missed anything good the first time around.
4) Rewrote every single title and description in both shops to get rid of duplicate content (this was by far the hardest and most miserable part.)
5) Developed a boilerplate for keyword tags and then updated the tags on every item.

I still have to:
1) Finalize my shop title and description
2) Do all of my section names and section descriptions
3) Rewrite my profile on both sites
4) Fill in all of my shipping details
5) Get Google Analytics hooked up
6) Replace all of my current Etsy titles and descriptions with the new Etsy ones.
7) Go over everything carefully for typos, bad grammar and inconsistent formats.
8) Redirect my URL
9) Watch myself drop off the face of google for months while I get backlinks built.

Hopefully it will pay off with a shop that I'm proud of and that will be attractive to my demographic in a way that Etsy will never be.

Snarky comment of the day:

Etsy is just hilarious sometimes. Now they're offering to act as a payment processor like Paypal. We're talking about a place that hasn't managed to come up with even 9-5 telephone support in over 5 years, that capriciously shuts down people's shops and then says "oops", that can't ever get 2 staff people to come up with the same answer and takes a week to answer a simple email question. Kids barely out of college get to make decisions that greatly affect other people's livelihoods. Wait - let me run and give you control over my money too and let you dole it out or withhold it as you see fit. Then I'll jump off a bridge for good measure.

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