Saturday, February 25, 2012

My SupaDupa Shop is Finally Open!

Wow - that was a huge amount of work but I've finally gotten it open. It's not perfect, I've probably missed some good keywords, my pictures still more or less stink and there are probably typos and bad grammar sprinkled all over my listings in both shops but at this point I've looked at them so many times that I think that I have them memorized and no longer see exactly what's on the page. I'm never going to think that it's completely done or perfect so if I keep waiting for that I'll die of old age first. Now I just have to wait for google to crawl me so I can start testing.

Go check it out - the software is great and I love the little slideshow of images. I'll be eternally grateful to anyone that points out a mistake and I'm not proud. Feel free not to criticize my pictures though - it's depressing enough as it is.

Please come see my handmade designer plus size sweaters, sweater coats, capes and shrugs at

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