Friday, February 17, 2012

Backing into a sweater design part V

I left off on Tuesday when I was about to start the sleeve design. I decided that I wanted a smaller motif on the top of the arms that was similar to the one on the front but with a bit less detail. I worked them in the same way as the front and back by doing the colored bands first so that I knew that they would match and then completed the first one before finishing the second one. Once I seamed those on it was time to take stock of what colors I had left and in what amounts and start the finishing work. I worked the sleeve length to leave room for a two inch or so cuff and then used the 3 yarns that I had the most of to do those. Then I matched that with the ribbing all around the bottom of the sweater.

The final step is the neckline. As I mentioned in an earlier post I had set the back motif pretty low because I didn't think that the yarn would stretch as far as it did and I was concerned that I would have to start cutting in for the armholes sooner than I had hoped for. I don't like how it looks because it's not balanced and it bugs me so I want to get some color on the upper back to even things out. My choices are a longer back collar but to make it long enough to work I would be approaching sailor collar dimensions and that's too weird even for me or I can add a hood and I think that will look a lot better. I started that last night and should be able to finish it today if all goes well. Then all that's left is to check for any unwound ends, block and steam it, take the pictures and list it. I'll post it here as soon as the pictures are done.

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