Friday, January 13, 2012

Paying it forward the geeky way

Stephanie's post got me thinking yesterday about how much I've learned from other people since I started and how seldom I bother to get involved in the "OMG the world is ending HALP!!!" threads over there anymore. The areas that I can be the most helpful in are the more technical aspects of all of this but I can't think straight when all of that artistic temperament is flying around. I react like Olivia de Havilland does in this video

Now that Mary has started an SEO team that's nice and calm and hysteria-free I volunteered to be a leader and help her out with the basic stuff so that she can focus on the higher level things that very few of us understand completely. She helps so many people for free even though she does it professionally and I still learn something new from her every day. It's fun to have found a nexus between what I already do well and what I want to learn to do.

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