Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I am retired...I am retired....I am retired...

Maybe if I keep saying it I'll believe it. I'm definitely not doing the relax and putter around thing very well because I think that I'm putting in at least as many hours per week as I did for any regular job. I know that I'm doing a fair amount of it in my pajamas with bedhead, have no boss or employees, take breaks whenever I want to and listen to music and books all day but 12 hour days are not usually a part of anyone's retirement plan. Most of my weekdays go like this:

- Wake up at around 5:30 or 6:00, stumble to the coffee pot and turn on the computer
- Let the dogs out, feed the cats, let the dogs in, feed them too. Try to convince the puppy that she doesn't want to be in my lap immobilizing my left arm.
- Get a fire going in the wood stove if it's cold enough to make my fingers hurt.
- Check my email and decide that I'm not awake enough to answer anything anyway
- Check the SEO team to see if anyone is waiting for help, see a bunch of questions, moan a little and get some more coffee. Start blindly running keywords for other people until they get it and can do it for themselves.
- Spend an hour either working on my new store or writing a blog post. Try to think of something to say to myself on Facebook and then put it off until tomorrow.
- Drink some more coffee
- Scan the news to make sure that the world didn't blow up overnight
- Vacuum and dust all around my work area to get rid of any stray pet hair
- Pick up my crocheting, look at it, put it down again and go read some forums until my fingers wake up.
- Crochet for a few hours
- Check the SEO forum for questions
- Clean the house, work in the garden or anything else related to normal household drudgery and making things pretty.
- Crochet some more
- Take the dogs out for a hike or work out if it's raining too hard.
- Crochet some more.
- Drink more coffee
- Talk to my husband when he gets home
- Make dinner
- Crochet some more

It sounds pretty exhausting but then again what would I do all day if I didn't do this? I'm not ready to watch soaps and eat junk food in front of the TV for hours on end or well-off enough to shop for entertainment and I certainly don't need to feed my internet addiction anymore or go back to the days of running or modding a few forums at once. Almost all of my friends are still working. As much as I hate to admit it I guess I still am a bit of a workoholic who can't do anything halfway and somehow my diversions always turn into goals. Oh well - at least I'm not trying to overorganize my husband and that counts for something.

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  1. A maker of handmade is NEVER ready to retire! where would we be without our craft? LOL great post!

    I nominated you for the Versatile blogger award here: http://megansbeadeddesigns.wordpress.com/2012/02/01/guess-who-has-two-thumbs-and-is-a-versatile-blogger-this-gal/

    ♥ Keep on being a fabulous blogger!

  2. Hi and thanks :). I'm finding that I enjoy airing my dirty business laundry in public even though it means that the nice serene image of the work-at-home artisan who knows what she's doing gets blown to the winds. I do (usually) make myself get dressed by 10 in case the UPS guy shows up though.

    Your blog looks great and I loved your random questions and answers. Thanks so much for nominating me too!

  3. Hello there Meagan! That was awesome of you! *crosses fingers that Karen wins*