Saturday, January 7, 2012

Google is smarter than some of my ex-boyfriends

I'm still working on getting my new shop set up and now I'm rewriting all of my descriptions to avoid duplicate content. If possible I'd like to have my new shop come up before Etsy for my plus size sweaters. My biggest problem is that I need to include the measurements for the item as well as the mannequin. My inner super-organized geek can't stand the idea of having them all in some confusing hodgepodge of mixed up orders and I want them in a standard boilerplate format. After talking with an expert on Etsy it turns out that google is smart enough to recognize measurements and not count them as duplicate content if the numbers change. Since everything that I do is one of a kind the numbers are always a bit different even for the same sizes. This is going to be easier than I thought and I won't have to resort to the tried and true Etsy method of sticking cutesy song lyrics or little fairy tales into my listings to beef up the content. At least I hope that's why they do it. I'm not capable of writing poetry about clothing.

Speaking of Etsy experts, Mary from SEOWebDesign has started a new team on Etsy to help all comers with SEO and Etsy relevancy. She's great and we'd all have to pay a lot of money to benefit from that kind of expertise anywhere else. You can find the team here if you're an Etsy member:

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