Sunday, January 1, 2012

Google and Duplicate Content

Dear Google,

I know that we have this love/hate relationship that depends on where you put my stuff but your insistence that I try to trick you by describing the same type of items in dozens of different ways is ruining our relationship. You go along on your merry way sticking my stuff wherever it is that suits you without even the least bit of explanation or consideration for the toil and brain bleeding that I go through trying to please you. You won't even tell me where you put my things after you hide them! The worst part is that when I'm finally successful at tricking you then I start to think that you're just an idiot. You act like you're the only man on earth.

Umm, wait - I guess you are the only man on earth. Never mind...

Love (sort of),


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Yeah, I know - go rewrite the stupid descriptions again.


  1. I think that I used to feel that way about men too - if I could get them wrapped around my little finger then I thought that they were weak and didn't want them anymore. The difference is that I could dump them...