Sunday, July 3, 2011

Yarn Lust - I must not bid...I must not bid...

This is killing me. Every morning I look at the new yarn listings on ebay to trawl for great deals and today my favorite mohair lady is back. She sells 100 yard hanks of pure British mohair for $4-$5 a skein and her hanks never tangle on my swift. I already have 10 of one color and I'm bidding on other yarns to go with it for one sweater and then I also have a bid in on a lot of wool in a different color to use as the base yarn of another sweater. I shouldn't buy anything else until I know which auctions I won because I could end up with a bunch of things that don't add up to even one sweater.

I'm also working on two projects at once right now. One is going to be a glittery evening cape and the other is something I'm designing that I don't know what to call yet. I work on the second one when it's too hot to work on the first one. I'm still waiting for the backing material for the quilt that I just finished and once that comes I'll have to set those two aside and go finish that project. I'll do a tutorial on crocheting quilts once I can take a picture of the backing. It may sound a bit like I have the attention span of a gnat but it keeps me from having to stop.

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