Monday, July 11, 2011

How I Use Social Networking

You see how to use a blog, but how do you use sites like Twitter and Facebook?

The best way to promote yourself on social networking sites is to use those sites as they are meant to be used, as a valuable member of the community.

While you can occasionally post a link to yourself, it is best to just be yourself, but have a link to your work in your profile. People who are curious about what you do will take a look at your shop on their own.

A lot of people will unfollow you or unlike you if you are too spammy with your posts. I myself have unfollowed about a dozen people in the last week because they kept posting links only.

Think of Twitter and Facebook like a conversation, would you want to hand around someone who said nothing but "buy this" all of the time???

Other good social ways to promote are forums. I just joined one a few days ago, and already have a convert to handmade! Not to me yet unfortunately, but I didn't have what she was looking for at the time.

So use social networking as it is meant to be used, you'll gain valuable connections, and possible sell too!

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