Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm so proud of myself....

So a few months ago, when I had some money, I decided I was going to learn to spin yarn.

 I bought this drop spindle:

And this roving:

I used the spindle to do my handplied yarns, but the roving sat unused until earlier this week.

 I'm not going to post a tutorial on how to do it, because there are a bazillion other tutorials out there and I watched many of them. But here is the finished product!

Before plying with thread
The finished yarn, 36 yards of wooly goodness!

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  1. Wow - that's so cool. A friend taught me how to spin on a wheel and I liked it but I've never owned my own. That looks like fun but it would add about a year to each sweater if I had to spin 2000+ yards for each sweater.