Saturday, July 2, 2011

I think that my shop has a split personality...

but I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. It's probably bad because the items appeal to two entirely different audiences and where I want to go isn't where I started out. The hats and bags appeal to latter day hippies who generally don't want to buy a $250 sweater and the people who buy the sweaters wouldn't go near a hippie store. So, option one is to take all of that stuff out of my shop and just aim for a high-end audience but if I do that my shop will be practically empty and that doesn't look good. Option 2 is to leave them there permanently so that I have some low-priced items and hope that the big spenders aren't turned off by them. Option 3 is to replace them with sweaters as I make them so that the shop at least stays the same size for a while and work on thinking up some lower priced designs that are at least somewhat unique. So far I don't have a single idea for hats, scarves, necklaces or hand warmers that someone isn't already making. Option 4 is to open a second shop for the hippie stuff but that seems like a waste of time since I'm not planning on making any more of them. I don't know - what do you think?

Please come see my handmade designer plus size sweaters, sweater coats, capes and shrugs at


  1. don't split it, too much energy will be spent promoting. (coming from someone with 3 active shops, the main one having more than a split personality!)

  2. Well, I think that your shop offers a wide variety of all sorts of items and that's consistent IMO. You aren't targeting any one specific audience whereas I'm aiming for 2 completely different ones. So far replacing them with sweaters as I go seems like the best idea. There are only a few hats left anyway and the bags are so cheap and easy to make that I'm not worried about never selling them there.