Sunday, July 3, 2011

Too Many Ideas, Not Enough Sections

Etsy allows 10 sections in each shop, 10 categories to do make browsing easier for your buyers.

 Seeing as I have a little more than a split personality when it comes to crafts, and I was getting a lot of supplies in my shop, I decided to open a second shop, a supply shop, which is the type of shop that most of the top sellers have. One Stitch Designs was born.

so I keep making stuff, and getting more ideas, and I realize that I am also getting a lot of recycled stuff too, so I decide to make a third shop for recycled stuff, and Stephanie Re-Makes All was born.

I am thinking about folding StephanieREMakesAll back into the main shop, because this may just be one too many shops for me! 

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