Saturday, December 17, 2011

Take Your Milestones Where You Can Get Them

It can be a little depressing over at Etsy when people start celebrating their gazillion sales and hard to remember that one of my sales equals the revenue of at least 10 average sales there and often 100 times the amount of the little stuff like basic supplies. My stuff sells so slowly there compared to offline that I feel like I'm failing most of the time. Oddly enough, I'm not. I just ran the numbers for my on-Etsy sales this year and after yesterday's sale they totaled over $1500. I've made back my initial investment and even after yarn costs I actually paid myself something. If I include all of my offline sales I've had a great first year since most new small businesses fail right away. So $1500 might not be much to celebrate but I'm doing it anyway...

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