Wednesday, December 14, 2011


OK, so like Karen, I was able to squeeze into supadupa before the early bird special ended.

So far, I'm really liking the site, it has clear directions, is really clean looking, and it's super easy to import all of my etsy listings in there.

I'll be mixing both of my shops into it, and deleting anything OOAK.

I do believe this is where I am going to put my domain name. the supadupa shop looks like it'd be perfect for my .com it's about time i found something!!

The editing on 280+ listings is going to take forever though! glad I have the shop set to where no one can see it yet, or I'd be in trouble with the Google Overlords.

It will probably go live after Christmas, when I have just a little more time on my hands.

Now back off to crocheting, orders to fill!


  1. Steph, do you know for sure that google isn't going to crawl our pages while we have our shops set to private? I hope not but I'm not sure. I think that I'm going to go in and edit titles to say "xxxplus sizexxx" so that no one will trip over an item unless they can't spell at all and have a stuttering keyboard.

    Who did you get your URL from? The only place that I've used is godaddy and they spam you to death. I used to get at least one junk email from them a day but that was years ago.

  2. I havn't picked up a URL yet. I'm still looking at options

    and I'm fairly certain that google won't do the crawl thing, but can't be 100% for sure.