Monday, December 5, 2011

Crochet is not Knitting

I think that I need to make a sign with that on it and hang it over my desk. Customers always think that my sweaters are knitted because they don't really know the difference but some things that are easy to knit are nearly impossible to crochet and many crochet stitches can't even be approximated in knitting. Whenever I try too hard to make something seem knitted or sewn the bottom line is that the item should be done in the right medium with the right materials and I should quit trying to fake it. I just got asked by someone that bought one of my sweaters to do a custom order for another one based on a knitted Burberry cable one that costs over $1700. Look at this thing - it's amazing and even without their name it's probably worth almost as much as they're charging if it's hand done. I'm not sure if knitting machines can do that but I doubt it.

Incredible Sweater

It has 5 main components and 4 are easy - small 2 strand twists, larger 2 strand twists, popcorns and ribbing. The last is that huge basketweave cable down the front and my brain is starting to bleed from trying to figure out a way to do it. I can do 3 strand cables and I think I just did a pretty good job of mapping out a 6 strand one but that isn't what she really wants. I can give her a big fat complicated cable but it will never look like the one in the picture. I'm doing the mature and fair thing and talking to my favorite sweater knitter who says that even though it would be mindboggling to crochet it's actually fairly easy to knit if the woman can wait for her to have the time. I'm going to make the most complicated sample that I can come up with to show her because even if she doesn't want to do it I'm going to make a cable sweater anyway now that I've spent hours playing around with them again. I forgot how much I liked doing them even if they use up a massive amount of yarn.

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