Friday, November 18, 2011

So Much To Do, No Energy To Do It

So, my depression has hit uber hard again, and every time that happens, my sales and views start taking a dive.

I find myself not hitting the social networking stuff as much (or at all), find myself not joining in discussions in the forums I frequent, find myself not wanting to even make new items, even though I have a million ideas.

I find the best way to bring myself out of the funk enough to do something is to make a list of all of the crap I need to do, and maybe I'll get half of it done!!

So here's my list of things needing done- the things that aren't housework anyway.

*set up sales for black Friday/ cyber Monday (still undecided)

*make new designs, or at least new colors of some older designs that I only made one or 2 colors of)

*write up a couple of the patterns I've been meaning to write up

*and retake pictures of the tam I decided to make. Because for some reason, that pic turned out really dark, and I'm not that good at the photo editing software.

That's just the current list. I'm sure I'm missing about 10 things :) Hopefully I'll get all of that done!

Now where do I find the energy to do it??? Anna girl's been super needy, and I've been a deer hunter's widow for several weeks!!! Steve, come home and watch the baby for a while!!!

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  1. Maybe part of it is the time change. I always have a hard time when it abruptly gets dark an hour earlier and our local winter monsoons start. It's only mid-November and I'm already sick of rain. I've been tuning out of the forums too because all of the bickering puts me in a bad mood too. I've finished the first local custom blanket, most of the second one and the last order isn't needed until the end of January. I'll still be putting a few things in my shop but not much until after the holidays. At least I know that I made enough money to keep going for another year.