Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday - Support Handmade

So here we are, it's finally black Friday, and the masses are flocking to the big box stores. But not all of them :) Some of us have the sense to stay home, maybe looking for deals online.

So this holiday shopping weekend, buy handmade!! even if it isn't on sale.

You will get handcrafted goodies made by someone who cares about the product.

The item will be unique, or not very common. The price will not include pay for a wealthy CEO, board of directors, and supervisors; nor the cost of transporting it several times between facilities.

You will be supporting a small time indie artist (who sometimes can not find other work- I know I can not).

So go against the grain, and buy handmade! (or vintage) no designer knockoffs, no Hello Kitty or Disney or any major brand. Gift something unique this holiday season!!

BTW, I'm having free shipping worldwide on everything in Stephanie Makes All this weekend!

And 25% off of everything in my supply shop, One Stitch!

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  1. I'm doing free shipping and 15% off too but I don't think that it's very noticeable because I won't put anything about a sale before all of the keywords in my titles or bump my keywords back in the descriptions,shop title or shop description for a sale announcement because if google crawls me while it's there I'll be blasted back to beyond the boredom threshold again. Almost half of my traffic comes from search engines and direct hits from shopping resource lists these days. Good luck :)